5 Items To Buy Your New Swimmer

5 Items To Buy Your New Swimmer

At Crimson Swim School, we want to equip your beginner swimmer the best we can! This is a list of the top 5 pieces of swim gear you should purchase for your little swimmer in order to be ready for their first swim lesson. We took the liberty of doing the research for you and found the most common and most popular items that you should consider! Here they are listed in order of importance, although it is ideal to have all the items so your little swimmer can be comfortable and confident.


A swimsuit is by far the most important item on this list. Proper swimwear will not cause excess drag or create difficulties for your swimmer. For boys swim briefs or swim trunks are recommended. While board shorts are common, they are for leisurely swimming and not competitive swimming. For girls, a one-piece suit is most effective.


Goggles are needed to protect your little swimmers eyes by keeping water and chlorine out of them.

Swim Cap

Swim caps are used to keep hair out of the swimmers face. When a swimmers hair is not tucked into a swim cap it can be heavy and cause stress and difficulty.


After a swimmers lesson they will need a towel to dry off. Certain facilities can be cooler on the swim deck and having a towel ready once the swimmer leaves the pool can also be beneficial.

Swim Backpack 

A backpack is important to keep all of your little swimmer’s swimming gear in one place. It will make it easy to travel with and keep all of the items safe and clean.

These are the top 5 items that we recommend for beginner swimmers! There are many more items that are important, but these can be purchased as a swimmer becomes more advanced, such as a kick board, fins, pull buoy, and equipment bag.

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