Red Cross vs. Swim America Swim Lessons

Red Cross vs. Swim America Swim Lessons

Crimson Aquatics would like to define different swim programs to assist those who are looking into signing their children up for swim lessons. For this post, we are going to explain the difference between Red Cross Swim Lessons and Swim America Lessons.

Red Cross Swim Lessons are public lessons provided at local pools across the country. They have swim lessons and water safety lessons that are taught by trained professionals. They  offer lessons to a range of people from infant to adult. Their lessons are systematic, starting with teaching beginners to be comfortable with water, by training safety and basic stroke work. Then continuing on to stroke development and refinement. Finally, assisting in developing ease and efficiency in the water. The lessons are based on the swimmer’s pace of learning, and they will move on based off of 6 different levels. Parents of children under the age of 5 are required to actively participate in the lessons.
To read more, click on the link: Swimming | Swim Classes & Training | Red Cross.

Swim America is a private organization. They also provide lessons at local pools, but Swim America is worldwide. Swim America lessons are geared towards developing swimmers that will eventually move on to a competitive swim team. Swim America lessons are taught by coaches who have plenty of experience. They also teach lessons to a range of people from infants to adults. For their infant to 2.5 years, parents will need to present with the child. They use a progressive program that confidently claims they will have your swimmer completing 300 yards of swimming straight before finishing the program. To learn more about Swim America, click on the link: Swimming Lessons | SwimAmerica

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