The Best Swim Lesson Styles

The Best Swim Lesson Styles

When signing your child up for swim lessons, do you consider the type of program you are signing them up for? Here at Crimson Swim School we have thought about it tirelessly and have come up with a program that we believe is most effective in teaching your child how to swim. We believe that progressing swimmers with steps in our lessons program is better than a group class that moves together. Individualized programs help swimmers at all different levels grow. This does not mean that swimmers will be separated from each other, but rather, it means that they will advance individually into different groups. Here are the top 3 reasons why individual programs will help your child become a better swimmer:

1. Individualized Programs Do Not Hold Your Child Back!

Some swimmers move up faster than others, where they don’t need to be in lessons. Other swimmers need attention to specific skills. If your child is in a group class and is picking up the skills faster than the group, then he or she will not develop as quickly as he or she could and this may lead to your child growing disinterested in swimming.

2. We Ensure Skill and Technique Before Moving Up

It is important for swimmers to learn certain techniques and skills before they move up. As stated above, our program doesn’t hold your child back, and we don’t move up children too fast. Technique is a very important part of swimming, and paying special attention to skills like breaststroke kick, streamlines, and rotary breathing will help your child in the long run.

3. Our Programs Understand Every Child Learns Differently and at Different Speeds

Every child is different and has certain physical strengths that others do not. This is why individualized programs are more effective. We understand all children mature at different speeds. Your child will be put in the appropriate class for their level of skill, rather than a group that moves together, no matter the progress of each swimmer.

At Crimson Swim School, we want to create confident, well-rounded swimmers. Through our individualized programs we are able to progress your child through steps that work for them and their needs.

If you want more information or to sign up, shoot us a message!

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