What should your children do in between their swim lessons!

What should your children do in between their swim lessons!
Like most parents, we know you want your child to learn how to swim quickly. It is an essential skill for all people to have for safety so you know how important it can be. Many parents ask our instructors what they can do to help their child progress. Keep reading as our answer may surprise you!

One of the most frequent questions our instructors get from parents is: “Is there anything we can do in between each swim lesson? Should we have them drill, swim laps etc.”  The answer is plain and simple.  Let them play.  1-2 hours of unstructured pool play coupled with lessons is the surest way to make sure your new swimmer gets stronger in the water and enjoys their time there.

If you are constantly pushing the little swimmer in your family to do drills or practice their stroke every time they hit the water, then they will stop having fun. Once swimming is no longer fun they will lose interest and all the swim lessons in the world won’t help them learn to swim. Let your little swimmer learn to love the water and develop a healthy relationship with it by allowing them to just have fun and enjoy it. That is the best way to help your child in between swim lessons to become better.

We are fortunate that at all the pools we teach at in both Northbridge and Franklin offer free swim time.  We encourage parents to keep up on the lessons and to complement them with plain old fun in the water!

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